Spin Palace is a pure online casino with an exciting range of games with games from Microgaming. Useful game selection and a great welcome bonus.

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Spin Palace is the perfect online casino. Flawless without a single scratch in the paint. And that is precisely the problem. When things get too good, it is unusual, and we have therefore found that Spin Palace are best enjoyed in small doses. However, there is a casino we keep coming back to, this is like saying a perfect casino - but everyday use is the majestic palace experience too much of a good thing.

Spin Palace uses games from Microgaming and is characterized by being inspired by the real casino available around the world. The inspiration from the "real " casino industry has brought with them online, and after all judging they have succeeded in recreating this unique atmosphere that you find in the most exclusive casinos in Las Vegas himself.

Problem with Spin Palace

This is a casino that is flawless, perfect, they've done everything right. Therein is the "problem".

There is no doubt that Spin Palace is a good casino. Because this is a really great online casino that it is difficult to find anything to complain about.

They have done everything by the textbook, and works great in all areas. Flawlessly. Customer service works great, you have any questions, you will get the help they can expect. You get a great welcome bonus. They take great casino games. Nothing is "wrong ", yet there is something not right.

Perfectionism: A Double-Edged Sword

Spin Palace casino is for us who appear Little too perfect. In a way a bit too much of a good thing.

We think the Spin Palace is missing and we miss it, is something of the feeling of "coming home " that we get in other casinos. We seek not spectacular and Las Vegas inspired, but it earthy and simple experience, but still have the ability to win any major gains.

Spin Palace pays out benefits worth approx. NOK 30 million every single day!

No, we have no reason to complain of Spin Palace. This is a good casino, essentially error-free as far as we can judge.

Maybe it's because we think that Spin Palace are trying a little too hard. This casino is an expression of perfection, an online casino that takes you into a fascinating casino world as you've never seen before in an online casino. Pompous luxury and exclusivity all the way, that's what it's about.

We like Spin Palace and once in a while is a refreshing experience to play here. Yet we turn always return to the more earthy casinos that either trying to get in touch with us mere mortals.

Perfectionism is unassailable when the result is perfect. Majestic and breathtaking are words that can describe Spin Palace, some like it, some do not. We are attracted to what is more commonplace, they do not appear as a royal delicacy to be enjoyed fully.

Other casinos are an expression that allows you to identify yourself with the casino and feel at home, at Spin Palace feels like you are visiting the King of kings. In small doses it is absolutely perfect, but the purchase you get a weird aftertaste of perfectionism.

What do you use as Spin Palace to?

This is not a casino we come back to several nights a week. Nevertheless, we had an account here for years and would go back now and then to play like a real great player. Refund percentages here are exceptionally good, and there are also bonuses and VIP program. Can you afford not to play too much, this is a casino that happily takes you on a royal visit in his palace.

Facts About the Spin Palace

  • They use Microgaming to all their games, which means consistently high quality games.
  • Players' safety is maintained through all necessary licenses and warranties. Here you have nothing to worry about, beyond the fact that after all you can lose your money when you play, but it applies the any casino
  • Winner possibilities are good and refund percentages are among the highest in branjen.
  • Download software and games with the best games without distractions, or make use of the games directly in your web browser to get faster in time.
  • Big jackpots! Spin Palace pays out benefits worth approx. NOK 30 million every day
  • Clock customer service.
  • You do not just get a good welcome bonus on first deposit, but here you get bonuses on all deposits first 3 pages. I also followed you on with great loyalty bonuses and great players can expect to get even more bang for their play money.
  • Perfectionists


There are pros and cons with everything, and as we have seen, even the perfect unassailable. When things are too perfect would be back to normal... Spin Palace always offers a pleasant visit sometimes, but it's also good to get back to the casinos where you feel a little more at home.

At Spin Palace you get the most majestic experience delivered directly to your screen, and it feels in a way like you've been invited into a royal palace of another world. The feeling is hard to get used to, which is why we are happiest with Spin Palace in small doses, a casino you have to have break from time to time.

We recommend Spin Palace or not Yes, definitely - this is a casino that definitely needs to be experienced and enjoyed in full breaths. Catch the exclusive bonuses that Spin Palace also offers (the best exclusive bonus is available right now, we have linked to below). Just be well prepared that this may be a bit too much of a good thing, carried perfectionism is hard to get used to.

SpinPalace reviews

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this casino is fantastic. That people cling on to play at bad casinos.. I don't get it. This is one of the few casinos that are NOT scamming people. 80% of the online casinos out there are SCAM and this is not. Incidentally spin palace has all the my local language too, and is also 10 times better in games, support and especially on bonuses, these are people who understand how to make a good online casino. Try and I can guarantee that this is something you will like, if not then it is you that is failing, not the casino ..


Unibet has many good slots. I do not play the odds and poker then you know nothing about it but know that is where they are most familiar. Casino dems are really good. Try live casino is an experience to recommend ......