Maria casino

Maria Casino is a great online casino, also known for its bingo games. Maria's not just a girl casino, it works fine for male players too!

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Maria will at first impression could be seen as a feminine girl casino, but it is only on the surface. "Under the hood" we find one of Europe's top gaming sites that can be enjoyed fully by both men and women. This is a gaming site that is highly recommended!

Maria Casino is a popular casino. They were better known as Maria Bingo which was very popular in a few years ago. Today they have a strong position in both the pure bingo games market and among online casino.

Some people may believe that Maria Casino is a "lady casino", but in fact that is not the truth. There are players of both sexes here, and whether you are male or female, you will probably like the social aspect of Maria Casino.

Maria bonuses are relatively good

It is great bonuses waiting for you if you have never been a customer of Maria before. Save namely an exclusive bonus via our website (see detals bonus offer below).

As long as you have not been a customer of earlier, you will be redirected to our exclusive bonustibud. You will then have much more to play for than what other customers are getting. See details of the bonus during our review of the casino here.

We have not really much to brag about when it comes They have for example one of the best we 've tried in mobile casino. Not least, they have managed to create a mobile casino that finally works without hanging up the titen, which has been a problem with many others we 've tried.

As you may know there Unibet who owns Maria casino. Unibet is by far the largest gambling company in Europe, and it provides many excellent benefits. It is noticeable that they have a major player in the back, and everything from customer service to the entertainment value is refined down to the smallest detail. Here you are taken care of by professional people in all lines, a quality that Unibet and Maria are getting about could boast. We have, in other words, had a very nice experience here.

Bet at Maria

Maria has since expanded games offer enormit. Today they not only bingo, but also a variety of casino games and other fun games that you can win money.

At Maria can play:

  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Slots
  • Live casino
  • Lottery
  • Poker

Whether you prefer to win small prizes often, and win big prizes a rare once in a while, so Maria is a great place to start. And it's not just something we say, it's actually quite a lot better choices here than in other online casino. You can easily find out which games give frequent payments, and where to find the most popular games that pay a lucky win huge sums of money - perhaps it is you who are the lucky in the end?

Matter is Maria one of the finest online casino we know of with a large selection of games provided by himself Net Entertainment (our far the biggest favorite of the company that delivers games to play online industry), and then they can hardly deliver more than quality games either.

Of the games listed at Maria's famous slots like Mega Joker and Super Nudge 6000, and a host to other machines and other casino games. If you really want to see Mary in her element, so try also their bingo games, here is Maria namely a superior player - no next and none of.

Should you play at Maria casino

Will - will not play on Mary, that is the question. There is little to suggest contrary to us, and we would recommend all players to give this casino a try. If you deposit money you get a good bonus on the first deposit, and especially if you've never played with Maria before you should take the opportunity now because you get a good and exclusive bonus here from us.

Our conclusions are twofold:

1) Wait!... If you have used the bonus already: If you have used the welcome bonus already, you might consider playing another casino first, since there are also many other good casinos. Do not get me wrong, Maria is a wonderful casino, but if you have already used up your bonus option you may want to look for another casino first. See our list of recommended online casino, we also have a list of the most popular casinos sorted by our users reviews.

2) Run game... If you've never played with Maria before If you have not tried before Maria and want a good bonus and several hours of great entertainment we can certainly recommend that you take advantage of this bonus first as last

Maria casino reviews

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Maria casino is awesome

Bonus to new players is good and the bonus terms without any nonsense and pes. Great game and nice support. The welcome bonus is super, and the maria casino you will find great casino games and my local language Customer Service. Maybe not on par with Betsson and the other great in all areas, but it takes the left on bingo that is Maria casino its flagship game, which crushes all others.


One of the best internet casinos. Very good casino games with entertaining animations and good graphics. Deposits or withdrawals are quick, about 24 hours I would say. Best online casino I know of, still there are a few improvements that could be made, but none the less much better than all the others I have played on, they don't scam people and they are honest, that goes a long way!!!!!