Expekt is a recognized and popular gaming site for betting, poker and casino. An old, familiar and safe operator that started as early as 1999.

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Find bonuses: Expekt is known for its breadth gambling. Also, they regularly exceptionally good bonuses. We always links to the best bonuses so you can check the current offer by using the links on this page.

We are big fans of Expekt, but in our review here we will still be as objective as possible.

Like all casinos, there are advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes Expekt so there is little to pinpoint. At the moment we can not think of anything that we wish had been different.

Expekt bonus

Bonuses for big players are so good that we almost do not understand how it is possible to offer these and still operate the casino in a profitable way, but they get it to a show. The welcome bonus is also a pretty awesome thing, especially the exclusive bonus that we found and links through this page (see bonus offers and details of the bonus below).

A legendary game page

Expekt was mentioned already established in 1999 and is one of the oldest sites in the market. They may be doing it and doing a good job.

As customer / player here you will always be happy and it's almost impossible not to enjoy this service. Why should any dislike something you really like? Well, as you know, there are so many tempting casino bonuses out there on the o -store online, so sometimes we would wish we could spend more money by taking advantage of these bonuses, but we always end up back at Expekt when we really want to bet big. Expekt may simply be a bit annoying good...Since

Operated by over 160 dedicated full time employees. The professionalism is impeccable, at least it is our impression now having been a customer here for well over 10 years. They have in general more than 1.5 million customers.

Bet at Expekt

Expekt, you have everything you need for gaming. Now you 're not only a game, you can live fine without playing cash games at all, but the point is that Expekt has good games. It is our contention, the games here are a delightful mixture of the best in online gaming, and it is no exaggeration, rather an understatement.

Expekt thus has many games with good quality, where the graphics are excellent and they run fine on even our older computers. Although mobile games they have managed to achieve in a good way.

Entertaining high payback

Yes, that's right: Entertainment Value is an index at Expekt, another word that can describe the games listed here are high payback. There are in fact few who can compete with Expekt terms of how much players get back for every dollar played.

Bet with Expekt is a pleasure, and when you also know you get more bang for each play heads than most other places on the web, then you know at least that the fun lasts longer.

At best, the fun lasts as long as you win big, and can refuse to play cash games the rest of your life, for you have now achieved the ultimate goal for anyone who plays online.

And what is the ultimate goal for casino players? It must be to win a lot of money, become filthy rich in a cash game online, so you can spend money on anything and live out your wildest fantasies. It's nice to be rich in any case, and Expekt is the place to pursue this dream if you hope to win a lot of money quickly, for there are progressive jackpots and slots with giant profit opportunities as well as betting offers that give you all sorts of possibilities. Poker players will also love this site for at Expekt has one of the most popular haunts for poker players, not without reason either.

For most it is the dream, but as you know there is always someone who wins, and the winners are always those who play and to win you have to attend and to participate in their games Expekt must playing with their own money, and to make money.

Are we extremely enthusiastic when it comes Expekt? Yes, it can well say. Is the enthusiasm justified? Of course. Expekt is one of the best sites we know of, an old classic that never goes out of fashion, new gaming sites popping up on the east and west, but Expekt is still the best!

Casino at Expekt is powered by software provider Microgaming. Say what? Yeah, we have put our hearts on NetEnt games, but Microgaming is actually pretty good ones too. Also, Expekt so much more than just Microgaming 's casino games, you will find here a diverse range of games beyond that Microgaming has delivered the game to Expekt. Here you also have poker, bingo, and especially betting that Expekt is so famous for.

We love Expekt and our enthusiasm for this operator is probably many others who share with us. We believe this is one of the best gaming companies that has ever found its way to the so-called internet, but you 're wrong if you think that we are so madly in love with Expekt that we are unable to be objective.

Our Review of Expekt here has been lens (ok, maybe not quite). Want the views of others too so you can just keep scrolling down, where other reviewers have their say about this game giant online.

Facts about Expekt

Above have been subjected to inhuman our enthusiasm for what in reality is no more than a gaming service. But Bloody hell what a wonderful site! You may come here to find out if there were others who could recommend Expekt, and now you know it - there is at least someone who liked this page.

Facts on the table. We like Expekt, that you have enough understood now, but apart from that you could extract the facts above, you might just as unfamiliar with the service now as when you started reading this page. We must do something about this, and here is some factual information, followed by reviews from our readers:

  • Customer Service via email, live chat and innfyllingsskjemaer.
  • Well adapted for fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Odds betting, poker, casino games, slots, mobile games, live casino.
  • Welcome Bonus (exclusive bonus too, see the link below)
  • Company was established in 1999
  • License and registered in Malta
  • Good bonuses, especially for high rollers

Want more information about Expekt we recommend that you visit Expekt their website, or read reviews from our readers below.

Expekt reviews

Review this casino. Please use this form to report possible Expekt scam problems and unfair treatment of players. Only comments from real casino players will be accepted, obvious fake comments will be deleted.

Lucass Expekt review

im swedish and don't write so goo English.. well my review... although maybe that's just what you want, but the name I mean. since they have a well known brand and such so I would still try, but was not immediately impressed. Now I've been playing here for a few weeks and like it more each day that passes, maybe the fact that I won a pretty big prize that makes me have changed their minds, at least in my måleståkk was a great prize :)
As for withdrawals and customer service is nothing to fault at expekt, and you like betting and poker in addition is probably very aktulelt. To me that just play a few casino games does not mean anything, but I have thus begun to like this casino eventually.


Giant online casino. Fine online games and also superb bonuses. Deposits / withdrawals from online takes just a few hours! Best casino I know of.