Social trading with an online broker

Social trading is a relatively new phenomenon. Here we look at possibilities with trading socially with social investment networks.

Since it is politically correct to make any precise rings on risk, we start like this:

Social trading may seem like a simple and secure way to make money, but before we proceed, we will only come with a small caveat:

All the speculation offers possibilities of loss, and social trading is no exception. You can actually lose money even if you invest through a social investment network too. Many people find security in investing through a social investment network rather than investing on their own or in a particular fund, but we should therefore not forget that this is also the investment, and that loss is theoretically possible here too.

Social trading online

Investment Social networking has been around for many years online, but it is only in recent years that it has really taken off.

Via social trading you can trade stocks, currencies, commodities and indices through a financial instrument called CFD.

This is the most common product for trade including currencies and commodities, and is also useful for many types of trading.

Why trade with social investment networks

Advantage of using them is essentially the big network, and the service itself is also reasonably straightforward to use.

It goes without saying that when you have many million users in the same network, you are guaranteed to find someone who has achieved great results.

You can easily search and filter users by the returns they have had for the last X number of years / moon baths / weeks / days. Then you can try to find out which users may be attractive to copy.

How to start social trading

Before you can start up your users, you must of course register and open an account.

Then put money into your account, how much you put into your account determines the course itself.

Once you have funded your account, you are ready to start up other users in your network investment.

Let's say you find a user that you want to copy. What you do is when you choose that example. 20 % of your segregated funds be used to copy the user, or you can decide that exactly $500 will be used to copy that person's trades.

It's pretty easy to get started and you need not be a marketing guru or experienced investor to start with this.