Online brokers

All investors and speculators must use a broker, and here we look at the most popular online brokers for trading in stocks, currencies and commodities.

Find your stockbroker with us! We have listings of online brokers who offer trading in stocks, currencies, commodity contracts, indices, CFDs and other securities. Which broker is best for you depends on what and how you want to invest or trade.

There are many options on the market, we have tried the most popular. Below we have linked to those we love can recommend further. These all have their strengths and weaknesses, read more about each service below.

Recommended online broker for stock trading

Some online brokers offers trading in stocks, currencies, commodities and indices through CFDs.

These are typically free to use, but much cheaper than traditional brokers because they have not charged a fee. Instead, they might use a spread which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price (this is the usual way of taxing CFDs on).

With such forex brokers you can trade fair via a simple web-based interface, that can act directly in the browser on your computer, and they also have applications for mobile phones so you can trade when you are on the go.

Currency Broker for forex trading and commodity trading

Currency trading involves buying and selling of currency pairs. In a currency is measured one currency against another currency, and this forms the basis of the exchange rate. Due to constant changes in the market will also exchange rates fluctuate, hvilkeg provides investors and speculators in the foreign exchange market the opportunity to serve on both the rising and falling exchange rates.

If you want to trade currencies online, you must do so through a Forex broker (also called forex broker). Forex involves not only foreign exchange but also produce.

CFD and Forex: Your broker offering forex trading usually do through CFDs. A CFD (contract for difference) is a CFD and provides many opportunities, including you with a CFD make money both on rising and falling markets (shorting is the term used for speculation in falling markets).

Leverage and trade on margins: In forex trading, you can trade on margin (leverage) so you can set the example. NOK 1000, and even then you can with 50x leverage invest 50,000 million in the market. The most you can lose is still only 1,000 dollars, unless your broker has specified otherwise (for broker recommended below may not be guilty more than the amount you initially invested, that is just the sum as collateral).

Social Investment Network

Social trading is one of the hottest activities in the world of finance at the moment. Innovators in the industry have long since adopted social investment network as a vehicle for trading decisions, but now also the great masses started to realize the value in these networks.

For more information read our article on social trading.