Gambling problems and addiction

Gambling problems can be very serious for the victim and the next. Here we look at how to combat problem gambling.

To combat problem gambling by trying to win back the lost is that combat alcoholism by drinking more. For gamblers are playing as an escape from reality. The solution to problem gambling is really not trying to win back lost money.

Here's a 10 - point list to help make a decision about your involvement in gambling. For each point you should find out if you are eligible to move on to the next point.

How to play safely and securely online:

  1. Are you a compulsive gambler, you should not play, but seek help.
  2. Suspicious gambling, do not play, but study this first.
  3. Reacts family and friends on the gameplay? Find out if there is reason for concern.
  4. Been gambling problem before? Do not play (see exceptions mentioned further up).
  5. Are you owed ​​money to, for example. friends or family? Pay back the borrowed money first.
  6. Have sufficient impulse control to play games of chance? If not, do not play.
  7. If you do not have the money: do not play, or play free casino games.
  8. Can you afford to lose money? Play only with money you can afford to lose.
  9. Use our Casino guide to choose safe casino and gaming operators.
  10. Use our exclusive bonuses, then you get more bang for every dollar you bet.

If you have questions about gambling and want to talk to someone, please call the Helpline on Phone 800-800-40. Here you will come in contact with people who can give you qualified advice and answer most questions regarding problem gambling.

For most people, gambling a source of entertainment and fun, and maybe you will even win a little (or a lot).

Unfortunately there are also some who are affected by problem gambling. When one becomes dependent on the games it can cause a variety of problems. Initially it may affected the economy, which can quickly create effects for the dependent and affected parties in the family, at work and in social circles.

The good news is that gambling is a curable condition. It is important to seek help as quickly as possible, it can be difficult to control the situation on their own. Visit this gambling addiction helpguide for more information.

Should former gamblers refrain from gambling?

This is a difficult question, and must of course be considered on an individual level.

Some may be tilbøeylig to resume an old behavior patterns which in turn can lead to gambling problems, and these should be enough to avoid gaming in the future.

Generally speaking, one can say that the former gamblers should not resume playback, if there is a risk that they may fall into the same behavior pattern.

Other hand, we now know the gradual process of how gambling addiction progresses, and if you start playing again, you can be proactive and see the signals. If in doubt you should start to play because they are afraid that gambling addiction can develop again, it is a clear signal that one should rather find other things to do on.

Some have come out of gambling by changing their whole mindset. Lack of impulse control has been erstatett with targeted behavior influenced by new insights and values.

When there is no danger of falling back into patterns of behavior that triggered the gambling addiction is perhaps no reason to discourage gambling if you speak to do so in a controlled and sensible way.

What should you do if you have a gambling problem?

Are you a compulsive gambler should definitely not play. It might be like claiming that an alcoholic certainly should not drink alcohol.

If you have or suspect that you have gambling problems are advised simply to seek professional help. Helpline has been mentioned, and there are other resources online. Addiction is hard to fight alone (although it may be possible, it is often much easier if you get assistance from people who know how to get out of dependency.

In addition, you often also qualified advice on all complications that gambling problems are given, be it financial problems, job problems, or the consequences of addiction has had on family relationships and social circle.

Is gambling good and wholesome entertainment?

Some gambling can be good entertainment and a source of excitement and does not offer any trouble at all. For others, gambling a way to escape from reality, and the consequences can become a nightmare -like life for those affected.

Gambling has positive and negative sides. Similarly, we can say that Alcohol can be healthy, at least according to some research results (subject to the amount and the way it is consumed). The same can be said about different foods and what is good for some, may be harmful to others.

Problems with gambling may have underlying problems. It is not certain that the playing in itself is the problem, maybe there are other problems which meant that they started playing too much even if they were aware of the consequences it could have.

Who should be responsible for protecting against anything that could be potentially dangerous and harmful? Is it the state, the family or individual level? We will not take this debate here, this one we can probably all agree:

It is good for some, may be harmful to others. While some avoid all kinds of gambling, other play with a clear conscience.