CFD trading: Extreme speculation, extreme profits!

CFD trading is risky, but at the same time you can also earn unimaginable amount of money in a short time. With CFDs you can trade stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.

You can trade long and short, that you can make money in both rising and falling markets.

A casino is not the best place for those who want to get rich quick, even if you stand sky high risk. A much better alternative then is CFD trading.

There are admittedly few opportunities similar to what you find in casino games. The problem is the risk.

Today, one can consult a safe online casino, bet big money on casino games such as roulette, blackjack or other typical casino games, and if you are lucky, you can have many doubled their money in just a few minutes.

Problem with regular casino games is that it involves more luck than what one likes. There are good strategies in casino games, but even with the best strategies you can look far for some guarantees to make money.

Traditional casino games is thus problematic for those who are keen to get a positive return in the long term, and should be honest with themselves are not the casino site you seek to make money. This is where CFD trading comes in as a great alternative.

CFD trading is not gambling

CFD stands for Contract For Difference.

CFD is a financial instrument (or a "product ") which reflects the return of an underlying instrument (such as stocks or exchange rates).

The beauty of a CFD is that you can be completely exposed in an under basic instrument, ie for example. shares, without having to own these shares. Nevertheless, you can earn approximately the same yield.

So what is the advantages of CFDs, is not it better to buy the shares instead?

Well, not really, if you are looking for high returns. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of CFD trading.

Disadvantages of CFDs

Despite a CFD follows exactly the same course movements such. share the mirrors, so you do not get many of the common shareholder rights (including rights to vote at general meetings). This may be a drawback for some, but the common shareholders will probably not care much about this.

A disadvantage of little importance though is that you do not receive dividends. You will however receive a contact method but this can in some cases be somewhat lower than the value of the dividend. Certainly not this a huge disadvantage, you get after all compensation for dividends. And if you act other than shares (ie currency or commodity derivatives so this is without significance).

Benefits of CFD trading

Then we come to what is really interesting. For CFD trading is really a golden opportunity, but we must also warn: this is not for everyone. Return to loss your money in the casino, if you'd rather that. A hard-working and determined, however, earn big money on this.

Advantages of CFD trading applies:

  • Margin trading - Trading on margin
  • Leverage your investments
  • Shorting - Making money markets and falling prices
  • Tax Savings
  • It is free to open a CFD trading account

Let 's look at these benefits in turn.

Margin Trading is what is the major benefit of CFD trading. However, it is also the major risk factor.

Example of shifting and trading on margin means that you can trade CFDs on margin - for example, 5x or 50x the amount you have invested. This means that with 50x leverage can invest 1000 dollars out of pocket, and then you get 50,000 dollars to shop for. Your broker wants the better not to lose much money, so you usually puts a risk margin / security margin. So if the value of the CFD your going down with X percent, then blow your entire investment. However, the CFD your up only a few thousandth or one percent, so it still offers a yield that is 50 times as much as you would if you had invested without shifting.

Shorting is the second advantage of CFD trading. It allows you to make money no matter which direction the market goes. If you think that Google 's stock is going to gravel over the next few days, so it is such a superb opportunity to short the shares through a CFD, ie a CFD. With CFD trading is just as easy to take a short position as a long position (long = regular trade, you buy because you think the stock or instrument is going to go up in value).

Tax. To trade CFD's also some tax benefits. Blan else can we mention it's called " stamp duty", which is a tax levied buyers of shares on the London Stock Exchange. This is a flat tax of 0.5 % of all equity trades. It is wonderful with CFDs in this respect is that this tax will be added to the game all shares directly, and not on those trades CFDs.

It's free to begin with CFD trading. It is possible to start shopping without having to pay for professional trading programs or market analysis. Besides real-time quotes are often free.

Where can I trade CFDs?

There are many options on the market, but everyone have their own opinion about this and we would recommend that you do your own reseach.

Some services are excellent for CFD trading online, each with their own specialties and advantages. They should have licenses from authorities are must be completely safe to use