Video Poker is a fun slot game that can be played alone! Here's a guide to video poker rules and strategy, and tips for good gaming operators online.

Do you play video poker now? See the list on this page of game players online that offer this. We have listed the best available bonuses from these players, and ranked on the basis of quality and evaluation of players.

Video Poker is a five card poker game that is played through a screen, usually in the form of an online game with a gaming operator or deployed on a physical machine.

A video poker machine playing it against multiple opponents. Winnings are calculated either on the basis of specific odds payouts.

How to play video poker

Note that there are variations from game to game, but the framework remains the same for all video poker machines.

A common variant is known as Jacks Or Better where the point is to get a femkorssthånd where you need to have at least one pair of brackets (ie cards with J symbol, or Jacks). Do you play this game, you lose the bet if you do not get at least one knektpar.

Another variation of video poker is Deuces Wild, and here 2s considered the wild card (that is, this card can act as any other card whichever gives the player the highest score).

To know the exact rules of the game, it pays to read the description of the online casino game. All online casino describes the rules in detail, so you do not have to wonder something. Read the rules directly in the online casino before you play!

Videopoker: It's a poker and slot hybrid!

Video Poker has combined two of the most popular gambling games:

The game combines the popular and well-known elements of traditional poker and entertainment from slot machines. The result is one of the most fun and exciting solo gaming that has ever been made ​​.

When video poker machines came on the market in the 1970s, they were so popular that there were queues at many casinos to play on these machines. Some casino owners in Las Vegas assumed this was a temporary trend, while a few smaller casinos saw the opportunity and invested large amounts in several video poker machines. The result was that the small casinos got a huge increase in players.

Popularity of video poker machines is probably because they can play an engaging game in peace without having to socialize with others. Sometimes one wishes to retire and get some rest for himself, and then video poker be the ultimate way to unwind. If you also win a bit so you get like an extra journey.

Bonuses for video poker online

It is possible to bring home large bonuses if you deposit money into your casino. If you use up all the bonuses on our website you will get hundreds of thousands of dollars extra to play for! It is admittedly not many casinos where you can find free spin video poker, but regular bonuses on deposits, you get most places (see list on this page).

We have picked out the best casinos where you can play video poker online. It offers good bonuses on the first deposit, and it pays to maximize this bonus. Put at least as much money that you utilize the bonus in full, for it is often the first bonus is the best

Can you use the deposit bonus video poker games?

In most cases, the welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses for new players also apply to games of video poker. See list of casinos on this page where it is possible to use the bonuses also video poker machines.


It is easy to learn video poker. Can regular poker rules then there certainly no great challenge to play on these machines. You need not really be a skilled poker player either. All you need to know is what poker hands which are the values ​​of these.

Machine you will receive 5 cards (that appears five cards on the screen). As in poker, the goal is to build up a good poker hand. After the first brief ceremony, you can choose which cards you want to hold and which cards to discard.

You play video poker online you will get strategic help from the computer that will provide tips on what cards are statistically smart to keep. There is of course a bit like goat and geese, or to take advice from a salesperson - even if the advice is often good, it is not inconceivable that there is an even better strategy.

Strategy in video poker

Contrast from slots is a bit more challenging to play video poker. It's not the big challenge, but if you want something that provides mental challenges greater than EuroLottoy, then video poker is a better option.

Strategies in video poker is limited as video poker is a game of chance. In contrast to the usual poker where you actually have the opportunity to win money time and time again with good statistical probability, then video poker more based on luck. Yet it is by no means arbitrary how you play and play strategically, you have much greater chance to win.

Video Poker differs thus from the usual slots, where the strategy does not mean anything. Slots is based on pure luck, while in video poker playing skills to some extent a role in whether you will win or not.

Strategy Tips 1:Learn what's good poker hands! You need to know which card combinations that give you the greatest chance of winning money. Poker hands are as follows:

  • One pair - 2 cards of the same value
  • Two pairs - 2 pairs of equal value
  • Three of a kind - 3 cards of the same value
  • Straight - 5 cards of different suit with consecutive numbers
  • Flush - 5 cards of the same suit
  • Full House - one pair plus three of a kind
  • Four of a Kind - four cards of the same value
  • Straight Flush - 5 cards of the same suit with consecutive numbers of the same suit
  • Royal flush - that straight flush but will be only 10, J, Q, K, A.

Learn these values ​​, and remember that there are different probabilities for the majority. It is for example very difficult to get the royal flush, but you can easily get one or two couples, but it rarely provides a good payout.

Not bother with strategy forms. These forms are really just nonsense when it comes to video poker. Since each video poker machine is programmed in different ways, so they provide no good idea of ​​how you should play. It is better to follow your gut feeling than to pursue that strategy card does, it makes it almost never (had it done it would all use these strategies forms, and video poker would not have been offered if they had acted properly).

Bet money by ability.Some advise you to bet the maximum number of money to win and earn quick money. It is of course nonsense. As in all casino games, there is a real risk that you will lose the entire amount wagered, but it's also a chance that you can win back several times the deposit. There is nothing wrong for you to win 100,000 at video poker by betting only 5000, but there is also a possibility that you lose everything. So a very good tip is:

Before investing anything at all, you should think about how much you can afford to spend on gaming, and orient yourself by how much you can afford to lose, rather than by how much you want to win.

Video Poker is poker, not slot machines

In video poker you are a lone wolf. You do not play against others and do not need to think about what hands other players have. There is no psychological factors in the game, only statistical probabilities.

Winning at video poker you need to have luck, but as we have mentioned it is thus a great advantage to know the value of poker hands. Beyond this, no special skills you need. Therefore, video poker is a little difficult game to play, but still offers a bit more challenging than regular slots as the only 100 percent based on chance.

A good strategy in video poker, you have about 99 percent chance of winning in the long run. This means that if you play this game for 5 years, and the total bet 100,000, you will be left with 99,000 at the end - statistically speaking. Although it is possible to lose more, as well as winning more. There is no statistical impossibility to become a millionaire if you bet 100 000 either, but maybe not as likely. Nevertheless we will probably assume that it is much easier to become a millionaire on video poker than the usual slot machines.

You play long enough you will anyway not be able to overcome the advantages that the casino has, and it is the random luck that determines if you come out victorious. Therefore it pays enough to play video poker with the same attitude as the other casino games. You can win a little or a lot in the short term, but long enough to play the casino anyway win back the money you won.

Below is a list of video poker machines. Here we have added the online casino that has the best offer right now. The list is updated almost daily, so please come back here to find out which pages are the best video poker next time you play.

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