Sports betting and betting sites

Here's a guide to sports betting and betting on the Internet. Here is a list of popular betting sites, get together with the best bonuses from these betting companies.

Is betting gambling or a game of skill?

Sports betting is defined as:

A game of chance where you predict sports results and placing a wager on the outcome.

Certainly it is not a game of chance in line with roulette or slots. Sports betting is all about Predict something, and if you have the right conditions to make evidence-based predictions, so it reminds more about stock speculation and investment than the game of chance.

How to make money on betting?

We would argue that betting is a game of skill, provided you have adequate information and the ability to extract the elements of importance in this information.

Betting is something you then definitely should be able to get rich. Do you have information and you have the ability to see the implications of this information, you can to a degree be rich in sports betting. The ruler is absolutely no doubt about that.

The one that has the right conditions are betting the best way to make money on the internet (see link for other suggestions on how you can create an online income for yourself).

So you must have the following to make money betting:

  • Sufficient information
  • Ability to understand the meaning of information

That's really all you need, but how do you get there?

How to become rich in sports betting

You will make money - and maybe even dream about getting rich - the betting, so where do you start?

Start as a stock speculator would have begun: in understanding your own limitations

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where you are betting on a match between two football teams: you then probably less information about these teams than so many others (such as those in management for one of the teams). Much information contained in management is not available on the free market, and the stock trading would, for example. be allowed to buy shares if you knew of circumstances that will come to affect the future stock price. It's called insider trading .

The good news is that betting is " insider " perfectly legal. If you know the weaknesses of a football team can use this information for your own analysis.

Whoever wins and earns a fortune in betting, is the one who manages to find and interpret the information that is crucial for the result.

There is an extensive task. In the stock market when you do not top with guesses about corporations. You must be able to identify the variables that affect the future price for defining bargains. So it is in sports betting.

He who knows how to navigate the jungle of sports information and interpret the meaning of this, be very very rich.

Methods to collect and interpret information is quite extensive and most people who bet will probably never take the trouble to do sophisticated analysis. That's why it is also so few who make money on betting.

In most cases, you do not say that to make money on betting. You are lucky and win, or unlucky to lose. For every thousand betting enthusiast, there are plenty less than one dedicated betting expert who understands where and how to find information, such as taking into account information in an objective manner.

Hacking the outcome in sports betting

Sports betting is an ancient phenomenon, actually believed betting on sporting events started almost the same time as the first organized sporting events.

As people saw new opportunities to make money on betting, they began to manipulate the masses. Qualification Improvement is one of the most foolproof ways to make money there is. You bribe athletes and guess according to manipulation. It's dirty, dishonest and reprehensible, yet the world's easiest way to make money for those who get away with it.

Even match-fixing contain elements of risk. Since this is so prevalent in some communities, oppsstår almost comical situations. For example, include football matches where both goalkeepers had been bribed to do a bad job. It became a målrik match and the result was just as random as any other football match with no clear favorites.

We have also heard of parties who have been bribed, but in the heat of athletes have gone into himself and questioned the legitimacy of their actions. As a result, they have ignored their obligation to match fixture opportunity. Do not even fight that has been fixed in advance have a predetermined outcome.

Match fixing is illegal!

Match fixing can not be hundred percent sure to get back their investment. And well there.

A legendary match was fixed in 1919 when the Chicago White Sox faced Cincinnati Reds in the World Series in baseball. This was one of the biggest sports scandals in history. The professional gambler Joseph Sullivan paid eight members of the White Sox made ​​$ 10,000 each to engage in match-fixing in the World Series. All the players were banned for life from professional baseball, otherwise a very right decision.

Today is indeed match-fixing is not a problem in the big matches, since there are other factors that have a greater impact on profits, but down in leagues and less prolific games can match fixing still be a problem, both in your country and in the rest of the world.

Fast money in betting

The keenest betting enthusiasts are familiar with the concepts that we will discuss, but most people have never thought about this - and it can turn upside down on your betting results. Use the following information to make good choices in the betting, and you can finally prove to yourself that it is indeed possible to make money on tipping (if you are not already convinced of this possibility).

Have you read this far, you might be given of how difficult it actually is to make money on betting. Wait to give up, because there is actually an easier way to engage in betting.

You do not actually have to analyze any of the sports information to get good results in the betting. You do not know anything of the circumstances in a football or condition of an athlete.

One can earn quick money in betting. If you disagree with this you have really nothing to do here, the claim is an indisputable fact. However, it is also a fact that one can lose their money quickly.

Aim is then to figure out a way to make money in tipping, while limiting the possibility of loss. It is a pretty simple way to do this:

All you really need to know is calculated in the estimated odds betting companies have come forward. Now it is the case that a betting company could be wrong, so why should check odds from several betting companies (see the list of the most popular betting sites above).

Betting companies hire the best analysts to make odds calculations of football matches. If you look at the odds for one company will not get the best rating, but if you see the odds several operators offering the same game you will get a clear idea of ​​what the experts think. There is a lot of money in making correct assessments, so you can be assured that betting companies have done a thorough job in the forefront of analyzing what result that is the most likely.

In most cases, the combined knowledge of all betting experts employed by betting companies much more knowledgeable than the general customers (those who play with betting companies). The people who put the odds at betting companies are experts in the true sense, and are some of the best to analyze and predict the match results. Check it yourself if you do not believe us. For 999 of 1,000 customers, it is therefore a better strategy to be based on the odds than to begin to analyze yourself.

Betting companies do not make money on those who follow the betting company's recommendations. Betting companies make money on those stupid enough to defy the recommendations and is tempted by the highest odds because they think how much they can then serve.

Our experience is that if you always bet on the lowest odds, and the difference is at least 1:3, you will be able to earn good money. This is a really good strategy if you are going to bet on betting, and many earn much money by just betting on lowest odds. In the long run it is what gives you profit.

Disclaimer: Players are responsible for the result. We take no credit for those times when you earn money, and likewise no responsibility for when you lose. You must make the decisions that lead to income from betting. Even with a good strategy is not one hundred percent guaranteed to make money. As with other investments betting can result in loss of funds - this is something everyone knows. But if you have good information you will have better opportunities to do good analysis and predicting results more accurately, which in turn will help you make better decisions and make more money.

Use multiple betting sites when tipping

From the above example, if Rosenborg vs Strømsgodset is also another important lesson to see.

The phenomenon where people do not bother to check odds from several betting company is not just laziness, but also idiocy, at least if the goal is to maximize profits on the wagered amount.

So there are two tips to make quick money:

  • Bet money on the team with the lowest odds.
  • Use odds from betting sites as a basis for predicting outcomes.

Strategy must therefore be to bet on the team that always has the lowest odds. The exception is when you sit on inside information of importance, and that clearly means that the odds of the market is wrong, then you deal with betting companies odds calculations good analysis, for it is the fact in almost all cases.

The collective odds in the market, ie the median of all companies betting odds, the best forecast of the results in sports betting.

Place all personal matters aside when to tip. Do not put money on your favorite team if the odds are in their favor. Do not bring your personal luggage into the betting sites. If the problem can not to predict approximately a strong personal connection to, unless the odds of victory are in their favor.

The slow way to make money in betting is thus to bet on the team that has the lowest odds of loss in relation to betting companies' recommendations, in the example above there Rosenborg.

This article summarizes the ideal attitude of how to relate to betting. Hopefully you now understand better what your options are, and what it takes to make money on betting in the long run (as we have seen, it is possible).

Sports betting Conclusion

Sports betting is not only entertaining, but a good opportunity to earn extra money for using the information correctly. How? As we have seen, constitute the overall odds to popular betting sites a good basis for predicting outcomes. Using this information, and you can earn good money.

If you have not already done so, we recommend opening an account with at least 4-5 of the above betting companies, as well as several or all of the list (that we made). You then have the best starting point when you play, and you can choose the best odds every time. Moreover, you get the a lot more to play for, as all betting sites offer welcome bonuses. Via our pages we link also to the best available bonuses that exist and bonuses synchronized and updated daily so you are always guaranteed the best bonuses.

List of popular betting companies and betting sites