Rummy is a card game that is fun to play both online casinos and with friends. Here you will get to know this popular casino game.

Rummy is fun to play both online and with friends. If you play this online, you have the best opportunity to win good money. See the list of bonuses at the bottom of this page, where you can find good and popular online casino that offers a welcome bonus to new players.

Rummy is a fabulous card game and is very popular among gaming enthusiasts. It is far from then known as poker and blackjack, but we think it is if possible even more enjoyable. However, there are many different varieties of rummy, but let us first describe Regular rummy.

Rummy should collect card combinations that are determined in advance. These card combinations will then be put down on the table. The game is played with a regular 52- deck. The goal is to get rid of their playing cards by creating " melds ". One sign is a group of minimum 3 cards, and must be of the same suit, color or denomination.

Regular rummy compete on the points against the other players (minimum 2 players).

Preparations for the game is that players are dealt a certain number of cards. Each player may draw one card, while throwing one card. Whoever succeeds in creating melds get points, and by the end of the game it is he who has the most melds the winner.

It is not difficult to learn rummy, and can be learned in a few minutes. We have added a video that demonstrates the game:

In the video above, you get a description (in English) of how to play rummy. Playing 2 1/ 2 minutes, and that's really all you need to know to start. See which casino sites you can play this card game online in the list below.

Variants of rummy

That said, there are many varieties of rummy. We have varieties that Oklahoma Rummy and Kalooki not least Gin Rummy.

Gin rummy (or just Gin which is also mentioned) is a card game for two people. Gin rummy was created in 1909 by Elwood Baker as an evolution of Whiskey Poker. The game should be a quick variation of standard rummy.

The only thing to be aware of before the game grunnprinispp - and it is mentioned to get rid of all your own playing cards. The winner depends on both skill and luck, as in most card games. What 's funny about rummy is that skills simply are not material to the outcome, but you are welcome to also get lucky with you if you should win.

Kalooki Rummy used two decks, and also two jokers. Joker cards make Kalooki an outer spans baths card game where luck counts a little extra. Jokers can also be moved around so far done within the rules.

Rummy is one of those games that are really fun to play, both online and in casinos or with friends. There are also separate rummy tournaments in Las Vegas (and probably elsewhere).

Oklahoma Rummy used only one deck. This is a game which is also quite popular online.

Advantage of playing rummy online is that you can win more money. If you play with friends at home, you get the no bonuses for participating, and it is not as common in real casinos. However, you can play the bonuses in online casinos (see the bonuses listed below).

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