Online poker

Online poker is the most popular gambling game among pro players, but many also plays poker only because of the entertainment value.

Poker is a skill game and the one who is good can expect to become rich playing poker. To get there you have to practice and play a lot. Online poker is an excellent way to train poker skills. At the bottom you will find some recommended poker sites.

Poker sites online

There are many poker sites to choose from. Competition has intensified among poker operators, and we see frequent launches of poker.

Our lesson is that it pays to invest their money among the well-established companies, but there are some exceptions:

Among the very best poker sites we find also some newcomers in a relatively short time has gained high status in the poker community.

Bottom of this page you will find a list of the most popular poker sites.

Best online poker sites

We have tried most of the poker sites online. Some are slightly better than others, and this is the side we had the best experience (ranging from " outstanding " to " good "):

    • Unibet Poker - great gaming site, big in betting and poker. In addition, they have a pretty good online casino for those who wish to entrust their money to fate. If you play poker is the place to start!
    • NordicBet - highly recommend everyone to try this also play page. It offers new players a great welcome bonus on first deposit, and they have a good deal in poker (and in general a good variety of games within the betting and casino).
    • Betsafe Poker - very good at poker, recommended
    • NordicBet poker - a varied play portal with relatively good poker
    • Betsson - good for beginners
    • Betway - gives you £ 7500 in insertion bonus (upon first deposit, 100 % match)

Poker sites mentioned above are the most popular among poker players all over the world. If you want a larger view, we recommend that you take a look at this list of poker sites, on the side you can find almost all poker sites on the web, with reviews, information about poker bonuses and more.

How to make money online poker?

You can not expect to get rich poker with mediocre skills in poker. The recipe for making themselves rich in poker however is quite simple, but you must have the discipline to implement:

The only way to earn substantial amount of poker is to become a good poker player.

Many have learned enough that it is possible to live solely by the poker revenue, and the top pros serve the wealthy - at playing poker! Certainly, it is a fact that not everyone can make themselves rich at poker.

For most poker more entertainment than anything else. Most people make money on regular work and not gaming, but there is a real opportunity here, as many people are actually making a living from playing poker online.

Poker is a skill game

It is well known that some good poker players have gambling problems, but we should name names. Revenue from poker played over other gambling games. To get up and stack the economy on the legs it back to the poker tables to play more.

Some pros are proficient enough with 99.9 percent certainty know that they are going to make good money playing poker.

In other words, is not a coincidence poker games, and a good poker player will almost be guaranteed to make money, just like a good investor will be able to make money in the stock market for example.

Coverage of popular poker sites

Below is a review of the poker sites mentioned in the introduction above. The aim of this review is to give you the best possible basis to find out where to play poker online.

Unibet poker

This is our most favorite when it comes to online poker games. You can earn substantial money if you are a skilled poker player (see our definition above). Unibet set the standard in the industry, they are the market leader and since all serious poker players have to deal with.

Why play at Unibet Poker:

  • Play many games simultaneously. Perfect for those who want to streamline both gaming and learning.
  • Earn loyalty points on pokerrspill and you can join around the poker site and gain entry to tournaments around the world, etc.
  • A variety of cash games.
  • Huge selection tournaments.
  • Up to 30 % rakeback.
  • New players get a welcome bonus.

Expekt Poker

Expektis perhaps best known for his betting sites, but in recent years has also excelled with a poker site that is constantly being improved.

Why play poker at Expekt

  • Has mostly of gaming online, in addition to poker.
  • One of the most popular poker game in the network in Scandinavia.
  • Lots of tournaments and cash games.
  • Good welcome bonus. So far one of the best poker bonuses we've found so far.

Betsafe Poker

Betsafe is the place where you can win on almost anything, according to their slogan. They are very good at betting and has two casinos, but also include a broad range of online poker games here.

Why Betsafe Poker:

  • Loyalty Rewards and more. Worth noting is that they offer great loyalty rewards poker players as well as tournament tickets in poker games. A practical poker is also helping to draw up the experience here.
  • New poker players get a good bonus.

ComeOn Poker

ComeOn! Poker is a great choice for all European players. This is one of our favorites at online poker games. Their Poker client is very good, maybe the best we 've ever tried. In combination with many players and good fishing is one of our top recommendations for those who want to start playing poker with the best conditions.

Why play at ComeOn:

  • ComeOn! is known to have many Americans at the poker tables, and that means only one thing: There is good fishing!
  • To "fish " in poker is a term used in poker players like yourself are mediocre, but instead of practicing their skills are good to identify the table where there is a lot of bad poker. Drunk Americans are known to not play very good poker. From late evening to early morning on weekends is a good time to play poker, if there are many Americans on the tables.
  • They offer new players a poker bonus. This is a 110% match bonus, which is very good considering that this is a bonus (and not eg. One casino bonus). In addition, they have something called "Money rainfall " every month where they guarantee a prize pool of $ 2,400. If you rather want to play for bigger money, so we recommend GTD poker tournaments at ComeOn!