Pachinko is used for recreation and is a strange mix between pinball, slots and arcade games. This is Japanese gambling at its finest!

Pachinko is exciting casino games, and indeed one of the most popular gaming in Asia (from Japan to China and Thailand). Asians are crazy about this game and it has now also become a popular game in the West. Find out why in this article. Here you can find the best places to play pachinko online (see the list of online casino bottom of page).

What is pachinko?

This is a game that must be experienced and preferably not be described. Learn where you can play this casino game right now.

If you still want a description, you are at the right place because we are probably the largest non -Japanese pachinko enthusiasts in Europe.

Pachinkois a game of chance from Japan. The game is a mix between arcade games and gambling, and is used both as recreation and as an opportunity to fill your wallet (which in most casino games are also an imminent likelihood that the opposite happens, and that rather empty wallet).

Popularity of pachinko comparable to the interest that exists in Western countries for slots. If we are to compare pachinko with something, then it can be described as a kind of vertical pinball machine, but with the absence of " flippers ". You use a lot of balls and they fired into the machine and the balls glide down through so many obstacles, usually sticks.

Asians like mental challenges, and to follow the pachinko provides a kind of mental satisfaction that is difficult to describe, but must be experienced. This is a game we really recommend, and you are lucky enough to be traveling in Asia and find a pachinko venue, then you should definitely stop by. Lovely game!

If you play pachinko in Japan, you can not win money, since it is forbidden to use this game as gambling in the country. Instead you win strange Japanese prizes or tokens. Japanese are a bit crazy culture, yet incredibly fascinating. We have been several times in Japan and tried these games and the atmosphere is something that simply must be experienced.

Do you want to win money on the game is the solution to play online (see list below).

Pachinko games online

There are varying quality of these games when playing online, so it comes to finding the right place to play.

If you have previously tried playing online pachinko - like without it, we will assume that tried one of those bad versions of the game. The most complete online game of pachinko are in fact very sophisticated and can be enjoyed just as good as the real pachinko, although the atmosphere naturally will be slightly better if you play in a real Japanese arcade.

Find online casinos with the best pachinko game

What does a pachinkomaskin out?

There are many types pachinkomaskiner, but most are based on what is best described as a bean machine (it gives perhaps no pictures in your head, and it's probably not your fault). Well, for lack of a better word, let 's explain it this way. To play pachinko, players metal balls by inserting cash or card directly into the computer they want to use. These balls are then shot into the machine from the ball tray with the purpose of attempting to win more balls. Mad, but lovely guys!

It is a digital slot machine with a big screen in the middle of the slot machine, and the aim of this section is to get three numbers or symbols in a row, you will get a jackpot.

Mature pachinkomaskiner had a spring-loaded lever for shooting the balls individually, but newer ones use a round button that controls the strength of an electric lever that shoots balls on the playing field. When they are fired, the balls drop through a series of pins, some of them fall in the middle and starts giving him a slot in the center of the screen.

Every ball that goes into the middle street and this results in a spin on the slot machine, but it is because, as always a limit, and here is the number of spins at a time because of the possibility that the balls pass through the center of the street while a spin is still in progress. Each spin will pay out a certain number of balls, but the goal is to get the jackpot. Program as the basis for the digital slot machine decides the outcome of each spin when the ball falls through the center street, and not when the rotating animation plays as one might think.

It was perhaps a bit poorly explained, but the best is enough to experience the pachinko real, or at least in an online casino. A wonderful wonderful game that more people should try!

Some "secret " tips if you play pachinko in Japan

To improve your chances of winning in this casino game, you should be aware that modern pachinkomaskiner has integrated several aspects (which otherwise is not possible in vintage machines). This is like saying our favorite games when we are in Japan, and we've learned some cool tricks for X number of hours of gameplay.

An old japanese came away with an invaluable tip:

One possibility is to switch between different modes of play, including rare and hidden modes that may differ significantly from normal gameplay. For example, in the Evangelion series of pachinko machines (remember the name if you travel to Japan), they include so-called mission mode and berserker mode, which range from having little effect on your profit opportunities, to give you an almost guaranteed victory.

Videos played in your computer and those " light patterns " in the game can give players a general idea of ​​what their chances are of winning. For example, a " super - range " make a small change in the animation, which provides hints on improved chances of winning. Some of these are much more significant than others in terms of the final odds to win on one spin. Some machines have a lot better chance of winning, it can be lurrt to rekognisere area first and find out what machines people win on. You should actually select the machines that no one wins in as preimier builds up gradually.

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