Keno - the all-time worst casino game?

Keno is a casino game where you can win fairly big prizes, but you should choose the playing side of caution.

Keno is a game of chance with pretty bad odds. The probability to get rich Keno is almost as small as getting rich in EuroLottoy. So there is an opportunity to win big money, but it is much more likely that you will lose everything. Yet we play on this, because it's entertaining, and the dream of becoming rich quick is always inspiring.

A game with terrible odds

Odds in keno is not very good. This is a game to play first and foremost for the sake of entertainment. You can win the right amount of money, but as I said, you do not have the odds on your side.

Though the odds are not the best, it is still a keno game that offers plenty of entertainment. Besides, it 's always opportunities to win a lot of money, and it's just something that attracts many players.

We have checked the odds in various casinos, and they are usually on a repayment rate of 65 % to 80 %. In other words, the house has an edge of 20% to 35 %, making Keno to one of the worst bets you can make in real casinos. In real casinos the odds are even worse, not to mention the public keno games around the world.

Why play online keno?

Your odds are much better, often up to 95% to 98% if you play online. Of course it is also possible to play more keno for one hour in an online casino than in state keno drawings or in a live casino, which means you 're probably going to lose more too.

Strategy in keno

Some idiots make strategic plans and systems in keno. It is just as silly as making betting systems lottery. It does not work. Keno and lotto are both pure games of chance, and the only thing you need to win is luck.

Keno and lotto have one thing in common: The more you play, the more you lose - it 's the rule in keno, unless you are lucky and win a large sum of money of course. And it's also why you play keno, hoping to be lucky?

The only way to win at keno is to participate. Whoever does not play, will definitely not win. Whoever plays, you either win, lose or break even (in the latter case one has to win just enough to cover the cost of the game).

Better than keno casino game

Keno is undoubtedly an entertaining game, and we did not want to kill any desire to play here. Though the odds are not the best, so you can be lucky and win a lot of money. Moreover, the odds in keno much better than EuroLottoy and even better than on most slot machines. So you want to play keno, you must absolutely do it.

It should be said that we would rather bet our money on other games such as online bingo if your goal is to make money.

Luck: The only skill you need in keno

Must play keno, so you only need a skill, and it is the skill to choose the right place to play.

We have set up a list of popular online casino and has picked out the best online casino for this purpose. Here you can play keno in peace and quiet away from home and get results immediately. There are many different keno games to choose from on the selected music sites.

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