Bingo is a popular lottery game. This is an entertaining game and a social experience whether you are playing online bingo or bingo halls.

Bingo is a popular gambling games played worldwide. There are many bingo halls around, but if you want to win a lot of money you should try online bingo. Playing bingo online is a social experience on par with Facebook and social media. See which bingo sites we recommend in the list below.

Bingo is a gambling which to some extent resembles Lotto. The game originated from Italy in the 1500s. Italians popularized the game, and eventually it spread like wildfire to the rest of Europe. However, it was in the United States in the 1930s the game was modernized as we know it today.

Play bingo on the internet

Bingo has a widespread popularity worldwide, and it has since 1960 achieved considerable popularity in this country as well. Today it sold for billions of dollars in bingo games from bingo halls and online bingo.

Earlier bingo halls had a reputation for only being a haunt of idlers, retirees and pensioners. Today the situation is completely different, and younger and active people also found their way to these arcades. On the web there are players of all ages trying their hand at bingo.

Want to play bingo somewhere near where you live? Most large and developed cities in the world have their own bingo halls. However, it is probably better to play bingo online if you are interested in winning bigger cash prizes. Then you also get bonuses on deposits and simply get more for your money play.

How to play bingo

Bingo works so that the promoter reads out the random numbers drawn. Participants must purchase one or more bingo cards to participate. These cards have random numbers. As the numbers are read out to the participants cross the numbers on the card. The goal is to get a specific combination of routes; For example, it may be that you will get 5 numbers in a row, or the first player to fill the entire card number.

The first is the combination of routes that are determined in advance, the winner, and the familiar tradition should then shout out " Bingo! ".

Online Bingo

There are several variations of bingo, but whether you play online bingo or a physical bingo hall are some common rules. To win you must attend and to participate must purchase a bingo cards (bingo boards or playing board as it is also known).

Online Bingo is not just an exciting gaming experience, it also provides a social experience on par with socializing on Facebook and other social media.

Goal is to cover specific routes. In simple bingo game can be sure you will get 5 numbers in a row, or that you get all the numbers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You get all the numbers on the game board can also be prizes for you. With advanced bingo games have both Small prizes and larger prizes. The most difficult combinations can be for example to get a pattern that looks like a circle or even specific shapes (eg. A dragon). Are you one of those tricky combinations you can often win multiple millions of dollars. Which combinations that premiums vary from each bingo game, and you'll find out when you buy your bingo board.

It is quite easy to win money in online bingo, especially the small winnings paid out frequently. Moreover, it is an entertaining experience and many appreciate the social element of the game, whether you play online or in a bingo hall.

See the list of sites below where you can play bingo online.

We have put together a list of the best bingo sites online. This is safe and good sides, and from the list you get access to the latest and best bonuses. Here you can play online bingo and win anything from small cash prizes (these are easy to win) to giant mega jackpots of several million.

Play bingo here:

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