Backgammon is a two-person board game with 15 white and 15 black pieces. Read about the game, rules and strategies here.

Backgammon is a very exciting game. Learn the game and practice with a friend, or play online and win money at the same time.

Backgammon is a lot more koplisert games than the relatively simple casino games. Most casinos do not offer this game, but at the bottom we have listed casinos where these games are offered.

What is backgammon?

Backgammon briefly summarized:

  • Board games for two people.
  • Square board, 12 wedge shaped fields.
  • 15 light pieces, 15 dark pieces.
  • Dice determines how the pieces can be moved.
  • Winner is the one who gets all own pieces to the starting lineup and off the board.


The easiest way to learn backgammon is enough to play it with someone else who already know the game. Furthermore, it is also easy to get into the game by watching a demonstration video of how it is played. We have added a great video instruction for backgammon here:

Pieces to move forward in their own area. Once that is done, they moved out of the game. Players move their checkers ie in the opposite direction to each other.

The two dice in turn. If the dice shows 4 and 3, one should either move three pieces four fields, or a tile field 7 (4 +3).

If you get two 5s is a special case, and eyes counts double. You can then move as many as 4 pieces 20 fields in total.

Some fields are Blocked and these fields are not allowed to move to. If your opponent has two or more pieces of the field is blocked. Pieces can not be moved to an open field in cases where you have to jump through a locked field.

How does one then your opponent's pieces out of the game?

Is done by moving a piece to a square where there is only a single opposing piece. Then put the flowing chip on the table.

Pieces turned back to the opponent's area next time the two dice rolled. If the field dice indicates that you are moving to turn out to be occupied by the opponent, should sstå over the next time you can throw again.

How do you win backgammon?

Once a player has moved all the pieces into the designated area, the fun begins. Then you can begin to move the pieces out of the board, and the first one who has removed all own pieces from the board is the winner.

Backgammon has roots in India

Exotic game has antecedents that can be traced tilblake to India indeed thousands of years ago. Later found it way to the Greeks and ancient Greece, who were known for their appreciation of mental challenges. The Nordic countries have also had a long tradition of backgammon, dating back to Viking times actually.

The modern form originated in 1600s England, but was actually more common in the United States. In the hippie era of the 1960s got the game a resurgence, and became popular as never before.

Since 1965 has been organized World backgammon. They got its Backgammon Association in 1994.

Backgammon strategy

Although Backgammon is a relatively simple game, it's like chess strategic elements. There is a turn to learn the game's basic rules, but there may be many special situations which require that you have good knowledge of the interpretation of the rules.

We 're not going to write about backgammon strategy here, as it is a subject that even a midel thick book will cover thoroughly enough. Just as chess is this more as a subject than a simple game, and you learn while you play. It makes the game entertaining, and it offers a lot of mental challenges for everyone who plays.

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