How to resolve conflicts between you and your online casino

Do you have problems with an online casino? Read about your rights and options for resolving conflicts that arise between you and a casino online.

Did you know that the online casino is subject to the same consumer rights as other services in the country they operate within?

Safe gaming in online casinos

The easiest way to play safe online is to play in a safe casino

Many people have problems with an online casino because they choose the wrong casino. It pays to check the casino before playing. On our website we link only to the casino is safe to play on. We may casinos reviews which is not recommended, but it shall be clearly stated and they get whatever no links here with us.

We have published a list of the most popular casinos online. These are safe casinos that are adapted to players that actually want to make some money playing. We have tested all these casinos and we can guarantee the seriousness of every single one. Thus you do not need to filter through all possible casino, before you finally find one that is usable.

We also give our users the opportunity to share their online casino experience. You can find the most recommended online casinos ranked by comments from our users.

Problems with online casinos

If you use one of the casinos that are discussed and recommended by us, you will likely never experience any real problems with withdrawals, deposits or customer service.

Even the best online casinos can make mistakes, but serious casinos are responsive to support and take the players' requests seriously. If you are experiencing slowness in payments, or other anomalies regarding money transfers to / from the casino, then you should contact the support before posting a negative note.

Some online casino, however, has a history testifies rather devious payments problems. Such casino you will not read about with us, but if we publish warnings against these casinos. We said only links to safe gaming.

What you should do so on an online casino refuses to pay you the money you are owed ​​?

Firstly, check that you have actually right on the money you think you are entitled to get paid. Most casinos operate with the bonus requirements set limits on when a player can raise their winnings.

If a dispute arises between you and the casino, you must first make an effort to inform the casino about the issue (as you see it). Thus, also they have a chance to explain himself. Maybe it was an honest mistake (no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes sometimes), or it may involve a deliberate practice to exploit the players, at worst it is cunning fraud you have been exposed.

If the problem between you and the casino is not resolved, post a warning about a casino in our forum.